Large volumes of water can 'drown' your drainfield, and chlorine can destroy important bacteria in your septic tank and drainfield. Drain hot tubs away from the system, especially the drainfield. For disposal options, call King County's Water and Land Resources Division at 206-477-4800 or email them at [email protected] .
This photo shows the "septic tank" portion of a septic system for a house that was being built near Montana City. Eventually the tank was covered with dirt. Once completed, gravity will pull wastewater from the house (through a pipe) into the concrete box where solids will settle to the bottom.
Apr 08, 2015 · Third variation (most advanced) uses the above but the black water is partly fed into a "choke" pit to go to seep to the ground. All these are bad options. It is better to let the gray water go into the septic tank so that the organic parts such as food particles are treated rather than dumped into the ground.
A septic tank has two chambers and is buried underground in the same way as a cesspit. As wastewater enters the first tank, solids settle at the bottom and begin to decompose, while liquid flows through to the second chamber. This allows any smaller suspended solids to settle and the water to exit the tank through the soakaway.